Wellsprings of Freedom

Wellsprings of Freedom
8/10/2021 6:30 PM - 7:00 PM
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Wellsprings of Freedom is an inner healing and freedom ministry helping broken, wounded and spiritually oppressed individuals find freedom, hope and restoration through the power of Jesus Christ.

Ministries available through Wellsprings of Freedom

Orientation Class
Before you are scheduled for a freedom session, we ask that you attend this two-hour class to help you better understand our inner-healing and freedom ministry. This class will answer many of your questions and help you decide if freedom ministry is the right choice for you. Please register below.


Tuesday, August 10 • 6:30PM
Saturday, September 1  • 9AM
Tuesday, October12 • 6:30PM
Saturday, November 13 • 9AM
Tuesday, December 14 • 6:30 PM


Individual Freedom Sessions
Freedom sessions are the core of our ministry. This is where healing takes place. Our sessions are typically three hours in length with a team of compassionate people who are trained to help you find freedom and inner healing. Each session will be kept in strict confidence. For scheduling, contact wellsprings@centralholland.org or call 616.392.7083.

Aftercare Class
Aftercare is an 8-week program for individuals who have experienced a freedom session through one of the Wellsprings Teams and have been helped to become free. The purpose of Aftercare is to help support individuals with a plan for walking in long-term spiritual freedom. For details about our next Aftercare Class, please contact aftercare@centralholland.org or call 616.392.7083

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