Girlfriends Christmas at Home

Girlfriends Christmas at Home
12/3/2020 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
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Girlfriends Christmas

Ladies, we all have women in our lives who really need to hear about the hope we have that comes with Christmas.  Especially after the year we’ve had. That’s where Girlfriends Christmas at Home comes in! 

Presented by our Christmas Desserts team, this event is designed to support you as you open your homes to the women in your life who need to hear the message of God’s faithfulness. 

The program will be streamed online, including a pre-gathering background mix of music with photos of hostess tables. The main program, lasting about 30 minutes, will include music and a conversation between women like you, hosted by Holly Brown, Executive Pastor at Embrace Church.





You may select one (or more!) of the following dates and times:  
Thursday, December 3 at 6:30PM 
Friday, December 4 at 6:30PM 
Saturday, December 5 at 10AM

Location: Your home! The event will be live streamed the same way we live stream Church on Sunday. Tech support and DVD’s will be available. Don’t let fear of technology stop you!

The Hostess Kit: You will receive a hostess kit for each “event” (evening or morning) you host. More details, including what is going to be in the Hostess Kit are below and will be sent to you via email when you register. We are asking for a $5 donation (cash or check) to offset costs for materials. This will be collected when you pick up your kits (starting November 22). 

Save these dates!
• Starting October 18 mailable invitations for your guests will be available for you to pick up in the lobby.
• Starting November 22 your hostess kit will be available for pick up in the lobby.
• On November 23 plan to attend our Hostess Training where we will go over the technical aspects of the event and you will get a preview of the program to help you better prepare for the event. Details will be emailed to you as we get closer to the date.





Who to invite: 
You are welcome to invite anyone! We especially encourage you to use this as an opportunity to reach out to those women in your life who need hope but might feel uncomfortable coming to a church. 

What if I want to Host “New Friends”?
If you typically host a table at Christmas Desserts that Central fills and are interested in hosting but don’t have women to invite, please email us at

Will individual tickets be available?
We do not plan to offer individual ticket sales at this time. If you cannot host the event but you still want to participate, please fill out this form.  A member of our team will reach out to you and discuss ways we can either overcome any barriers to hosting or partner you with another hostess. It is our hope that any women who would like to participate can!

What is in the Hostess Kit?
• Invitations (available as soon as October 18)
• Information for Live Streaming or a DVD
• A yard sign to help guests find your home
• Nametags (in the event your guests don’t all know eachother)
• Pens
• Marker for nametags
• Event Program and needed materials
• Information about Central and Invite Cards

Meet the Team
Sue Auchtung- Hostess Liaison: 
Got questions?  Email Sue at
Anne Chanski - Project Manager: Working behind the scenes. 
Kim Fowler - Event Producer: Making the event beautiful and accessible
Committee Members - Assisting with Hostess sign ups and recruiting, box creation and distribution: 
• Chris and Marina Trunrod
• Wibke Rees
• Michelle Lynn
• Heather - Lee Wysong
• Ben Wickstra

About our Host, Holly Brown
Holly Brown is the Executive Pastor at Embrace Church. You can see her most recent message at Embrace here.

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