The Kindness Project: C6 Groups

The Kindness Project: C6 Groups
9/20/2020 2:00 AM - 5:00 AM
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Lisa Wilkinson

Right now, it seems like no one can agree on anything. One thing we can all agree on? We all could use more kindness. This fall, we are inviting you to participate in The Kindness Project! This fall teaching series will stretch us to grow in kindness and the challenge happens best when you do it together!

That can be with your family, friends, or a small group! That's where C6 Groups come in.

What is a C6 Group you ask? C6 Groups are six-week groups, committed to community—see what we did there? A C6 Group's always coincides with the Sunday morning teaching series. At the end of the 6 weeks many groups stay together and others break off. These groups give you an easy on and off ramp into community.

Groups kick off the week of September 20 and will meet for 6 weeks in group leaders homes or on Zoom.

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How does it work?

1. Find your people
This can be your family, your friends, or a small group through Central...and we will be putting MANY brand new groups together!

2. Videos
Dive deeper into each week’s main idea—or re-watch Sundays message!

3. Activities
Okay, we see that eye roll—you’re thinking “who’s got time for activities?”—but really—growing in kindness starts with laughter, fun, and getting to know your friends and small group on a whole new level!   

4. Conversation
Okay, you watched the video, had some fun getting to know each other, next step—conversation! You can find conversation starters for kids, students, and you kids at heart—because kindness matters at every age!

5. Challenge
Now it's time to put kindness into action—we'll help you out with some ideas, or come up with your own kindness goal!

Grab all of the resources you need at

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