Summer Challenge

Summer Challenge
6/23/2019 12:00 AM - 9/1/2019 11:59 PM
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This summer we challenge you to grow—Luke 2:52 style! 
“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” Luke 2:52

You’ll be challenged in four categories: 
1. Grow with God 
Commit to being in the Word and in prayer every day. 
2. Grow in Wisdom 
Commit to reading something non-fiction! Decide how many books you want to read, then divide the number of pages by 90 days or decide how many days a week you plan to read! 

3. Grow in Stature 
Commit to being active! Go for a run, hit the gym, or take a walk! You decide how many times a week you’ll be active! 

4. Grow Relationships 
We challenge you to commit to showing hospitality at least once per week. Invite someone over for pizza, to join you at the beach, or for a fire and s’mores, or just coffee and dessert. 

Mark your progress! 
Use out tracker–pick one up at the Information Desk or download below

Join the Facebook group Central Summer Challenge where we can encourage one another!

At the end of the summer, in September, bring your tracker to the information desk—we want to celebrate with you with a gift! 

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