Something New Tour

Something New Tour
3/1/2019 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
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Something New is coming to Holland! 
We're all searching for something new. Whether it's something new in our relationships, something new in our perspectives, in our marriage, in our group of friends, or in our budget—or maybe, in our outlook on life. Maybe some of us are looking for something new in our perspective of how we see ourselves. We invite you to come and experience Something New on Friday, March 1. In just 2 1/2 hours, you will hear real stories from real women—stories for our gut, from our heart, no games, and no masks. 

For any woman, of any age who wants to experience freedom—from anything at all.  Whether you have been in church for 50 years, or have never stepped foot in church, we promise there is something new for you to experience. For women who are unsure about God, who He even is, or what He’s about, you are safe here—this event is for you. And for women who are close to God and close to freedom, but still want all He has for us—all the freedom, all the joy, all the growth, and all the purpose—there’s something for all of us too.

So yes, this is for you... but it's also for anyone in your life who is searching... bring them!

Do you want Something More? 
We invite you take you to the next step in your journey toward freedom at the Something More Workshop, Saturday, March 2, starting at 9AM. You will receive tangible tools to overcome anxiety, depression, past hurts or whatever is keeping you stuck. Workshop includes continental breakfast, light lunch and snacks. 

There will be three options for purchasing tickets:

1. Something New (Friday, March 1 at 7 PM) 
Buy one, bring one. Purchase a ticket at the regular price ($30) and you will be able to add a second ticket to your cart at no cost. We encourage you to use this ticket to bring someone in your life who is looking for something new. 

2. Something More (Saturday, March 2 at 9AM)
A One-Day Workshop. Cost ($59) includes a light lunch and morning coffee & pastries. A workshop ticket must be purchased for each person attending the workshop.

3. Combo Something New & Something More Tickets ($75)
Buy a Combo ticket at regular price and you'll still be able to reserve a second Something New ticket at no cost. 

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